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Roy Morgan research found that intending retirees on average have $305 000 in net wealth including property. With lower expected returns when nearing retirement a laser focus on costs, interest and fees can make a substantial difference to your retirement savings. It's never to late to minimise ...

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Wouldn't want to jump the gun, few days before the new year but liked this image. Smarter goals for 2019 on the to do list.

Our latest blog.
Getting your finance in order sooner can make a property downturn more bearable, it's not to late. Here are 5 factors that will affect your ability to refinance and why unit owners are at greater risk.

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Cost and Availability of Business Finance.

Overall, external finance has become more readily
available over recent years. Monetary policy (in
Australia and abroad) is accommodative and
interest rates on business loans and corporate
bonds are near historic lows. Consistent with this,
the interest...

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Finance for a small start-up

The key to getting finance for your start up is to ensure you have reasonable cash flow forecasts generally over 5 years with a business plan that supports your assumptions and explains your operations. Might seem counter intuitive but starting with a budget and cash...

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Reverse Mortgages
Getting a Reverse Mortgage is a great way to get compounded interest to work against you.
We all know how the miracle of compounded interest (earning a return on your previous year's returns) exponentially grows wealth over the long term. Having recently worked through a revers...

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Consumer Finance Service

  • Home Loans

    Finding you the right home loan: Often smaller lenders have more competitive rates and terms than larger ones. We look at loans from a multitude of lenders, so you get more competitive options. More than 30 trusted lenders are on our books. We listen to what you want to achieve, and take this into account when sourcing competitive loan products for you. This means the loan you end up with works for you and your property goals. We make sure the terms of the loan work to your advantage, so every angle is taken care of. Our home loan service is free. Because the lender you end up choosing pays us a commission when the loan is settled. That means you get the benefit of our professional service, without any cost.
  • Refinance

    We make it easy for you to find a home loan that is right for you. We take the time to understand your property goals, your existing arrangements and whats important to you. Then, we use this information to tailor and research a loan that matches your lifestyle, your ambitions and your budget. We explain the benefits of refinancing while outlining any costs associated with refinancing your home loan. As a result, you have peace of mind, knowing the loan you end up with is truly right for you.The whole process is easy, as we handle the necessary paperwork and use our database to compare a diverse range of home loans from many different lenders. Plus, our home loan service is free of charge, as the lender you choose pays us a commission when the loan is settled.
  • Debt Consolidation

    Secured and Unsecured debt consolidation solutions. Unlike the banks, we’re not told to push a specific home loan product. We only want to find you a competitive loan, which suits your needs, so you visit us again for the next one. We do the research, so you can feel comfortable knowing the loan you have chosen most suits your needs. We work out whether the benefits outweigh the costs, how your cash flow will be affected, explain the downside of consolidating debts and ensure you are aware of the immediate and long term cost. As a result, you have peace of mind, knowing the loan you end up with is truly right for you.The whole process is easy, as we handle the necessary paperwork and use our database to compare a diverse range of home loans from many different lenders. Plus, our home loan service is free of charge, as the lender you choose pays us a commission when the loan is settled.
  • Renovation / Home Improvement Loan

    You stay focused on your renovations, while we take care of the finance. We compare loans from many different trusted lenders, so you have peace of mind knowing the loan you end up with is right for you. We also take the time to understand your finance goals. That way your finance reflects where you’re at in life, and suits your needs even more. Our goal is to make your life as easy as possible, by guiding you through the necessary paperwork, and truly understanding your situation. Do I need a renovation loan? People secure renovation loans for many different projects, including upgrades to homes and businesses. Some of the more common reasons for securing a renovation loan are: Upgrading a kitchen or bathroom. Extending a home. Adding another level to a property. Knocking down internal walls to create more space. Constructing carports or garages. Building a ‘granny flat’ or other additional structure. Landscaping, adding a pool or improving a backyard.
  • Car Loans

    You spend time finding the right vehicle, while we take care of the finance. The loan we end up recommending is the one that best suits your circumstances, whether your vehicle is for personal or business use. We make the whole process easy by: Taking care of the necessary paperwork, so you can focus on enjoying your new vehicle. Comparing a range of competing vehicle loans, so you end up with an affordable option. Assisting you with rolling over existing finance from other lenders, if necessary. Coming to your home or place of work to discuss your vehicle finance options. We can also assist you with securing a loan for: A motorbike, van, truck or any vehicle required for personal use. Fleets of vehicles for business or commercial purposes. Vehicles for business use, from scooters through to semi-trailers. Farming vehicles, including tractors and other utility vehicles.
  • Personal Loans

    You should know the loan you end up choosing is right for you. We give you this peace of mind, by understanding your goals, then researching and tailoring a loan that matches them.We compare loans from many different trusted lenders, and only recommend loans that align with your goals, lifestyle and budget.And, we take care of every aspect of your personal loan, so your focus can stay on planning that next holiday, finishing your home reno, or whatever your goal may be. Personal loans are secured for many different reasons. Some popular ones include: Overseas or interstate holidays. Renovations. Paying off debt. Education fees. A wedding. Other big celebrations. Computers. Equipment. Medical bills. Insurance payments.
  • Medical Professional LMI free Finance

    Get LMI waived when borrowing up to 95% of the property value and 90% on investment properties. Accelerate your investment portfolio! Normally, if you borrow more than 80% of the property value then the lender will charge you a fee known as Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). Some of our lenders can waive LMI for doctors, allowing you to buy multiple investment properties or your dream home.

Business Funding Service

  • Business Finance

    We can help you secure a loan for any need related to running a business. This includes working capital, vehicles, new equipment, renovations, debt consolidation and other items you may require for your business.We make the whole process as stress-free as possible, by understanding your business needs, then tailoring a loan solution that matches your requirements. So you have peace of mind, and know the loan you’ve chosen is right for your business. How you get the right finance? We compare many different competing loan products, then recommend options with the most suitable terms. You have peace of mind, knowing the business loan you choose is the most suitable for you. We are not aligned with any lender or banking institution, comparing far more loan products than a single bank or lender ever could. We work for you, not the banks, so finding you the most competitive loan is our single focus.You save time, by having us take care of the necessary paperwork on your behalf.
  • Commercial Term Loans

    Term loans are commonly used to buy commercial real estate, or to buy an existing business or franchise. If you’re familiar with home loans, you’ll understand the principles of how a term loan works. Generally speaking, this type of loan can be used for two purposes - business or property. Business purposes includes buying a trading business or franchise, a new business start-up or the expansion of an existing business. The types of commercial real estate purchased encompasses a very broad spectrum. The types of real estate include established, vacant or to be developed land; owner occupied or investment; and zoned from retail, industrial, office, warehouse, factory unit, to specialised property such as aged care facilities, or hotels and taverns. These loans almost always require security, generally over the commercial or residential property, and in the case of business loans, the assets of the business as well.
  • Unsecured Business Loans

    A faster way to access finance for everyday expenses. Unsecured business loans are a relatively new option for businesses that need to get access to some extra funds. The obvious benefits of this type of finance is the speed in which access is granted to the finance, with simplified application process. This may allow you to quickly take care of cash flow, cover urgent expenses, or make the most of an opportunity. In recent years, a number of agile, financial technology (fintech) lenders have entered the finance market in Australia. These more non-traditional lenders can turn around approvals and deposit cash into your account in as little as 24 hours. Because they are unsecured the application is simpler and the loan amounts are often smaller – usually anywhere from $5,000 to $250,000. It also means there is greater risk to the lender so the interest rates may be relatively higher and the loan terms a lot shorter, with principal and interest repayments generally on a weekly basis.
  • Self Managed Super Fund Loan

    Have you considered using the funds in your Self Managed Super Fund to invest in commercial property? The savings you’ve built up in your Superannuation Fund can be used to make investments in a range of asset classes. By transferring your super to a new or established Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) the opportunity to use gearing to purchase property may become available. Using your SMSF funds as a deposit, some lenders will approve loans starting at just $100,000 to purchase property, and the income generated from the rental can help meet your repayments. With commercial property, it may be possible for your SMSF to purchase a property that will be occupied by your business, as long as the rent is at market rates. Essentially this type of finance is a Term Loan with features such as flexible terms up to 30 years, the choice of principal and interest or interest only repayment, and the options of fixed or variable rates, or a combination of both.
  • Working Capital Finance

    Working capital finance is a business loan that can help you take care of your immediate and day-to-day costs. Like the name suggests, having this type of financing means you have the capital to cover vital operating costs like paying suppliers, covering wages or adding inventory to make the most of busier business periods. Importantly, it also means you can have funds at hand when you need them to create growth and make the most of any opportunities when they happen. Overdraft One type of Working Capital Finance is an overdraft facility. It’s an approved amount of credit you can use if and when you need it, that’s usually attached to your business transaction account. Because it’s designed to be a day-to-day facility, and not for capital purchases or long-term financing, an overdraft may provide a permanent source of short term funding to meet your operational expenses. Line of Credit For access to larger amounts of finance, a Line of Credit is another option.
  • Debtor Invoice Financing

    Looking for an effective way of unlocking cash that’s already been invoiced to your clients? Sometimes called Invoice Finance, Debtor Finance or Accounts Receivable Finance, this is like a cash advance based on the sales you’ve already made to your customers, without having to wait for the traditional 30, 60 or even 90 day payment periods. In simple terms, a lender considers the invoices or monies you have owing as an asset. They’ll lend you a percentage of the money that’s owed to you, then pay you the remaining balance once they’ve collected the invoice, less a small percentage. This type of financing is a relatively quick and flexible way for your business to maintain cash flow, and can have many benefits when compared to other bank loans or lines of credit. These can include: - Gives you almost immediate access to funds once an invoice has been issued - No other collateral or security is required - There are no repayment schedules - You don’t waste time chasing unpaid debts.
  • Asset and Equipment Finance

    Choosing the right asset and equipment finance can give you further benefits than just preserving your day-to-day funds: Assets and equipment can generate immediate income. Finance can help preserve working capital. There may be potential tax advantages to consider. What can be financed? Any asset, plant or equipment that can help generate income for your business may be able to be financed, and can include: Motor vehicles, Commercial vehicles,Plant and Machinery, Agricultural equipment, Solar power equipment, Computers, photocopiers and phone systems, Medical and dental equipment, Office equipment, General business equipment or Internal fit-outs. We Specialise in Chattel Mortgages. Chattel Mortgage:The asset belongs to you from the beginning and the lender has a ‘charge’ over the asset that secures the loan until the final payment has been made. Because the borrower holds title to the goods there may be taxation benefits.
  • Short Term Funding

    Growth opportunities and unexpected challenges pop up when you’re running a business. When it comes to having access to extra funds, timing makes all the difference. That’s why we offer loans of $5,000 to $250,000 with funding possible in 24 hours*, and cash flow friendly repayments.If your business has a turnover of more than $6,000 per month and can demonstrate 6 months of trading for a new business, or 3 months if you've purchased an existing business, we can help you. Short term business loans can be used for almost any business purpose – including for growth, to take advantage of an opportunity or to support cash flow. It can be used for business renovations, marketing, to purchase inventory or new equipment, as general working capital and much more. The loan cannot be used for personal purposes. If you apply before 4 pm on a business day and your application is approved, it is possible to have money in your account the next business day.

Strata Finance

  • Strata Corporate Finance

    Strata finance is a type of unsecured loan available to strata title schemes to fund both scheduled and unexpected capital works or to cover financial obligations such as insurance premiums. Macquarie and Lannock strata finance available. WA based strata finance provider.
  • Strata Unit Finance

    Finding the right finance for strata unit purchases in WA. Financing a strata unit is a specialist field with a number of considerations associated with strata units that would not apply to regular home purchases. Our finance specialists take strata specific factors into account and apply lender's strata unit financing policies to ensure the right lender is selected and finance achieved seamlessly.
  • Strata Improvement Finance

    WA strata reforms will make improving the common areas of your building simpler than ever. Is its time to bring your building's common areas into the current century. Finance to improve common areas in your strata building is available through various funding providers.


a year ago
Before we met Marcelle we were told by another broker that due to my visa we only had one bank that would do a home loan to us with a huge interest rate...I was very upset and began contacting banks myself and ended up sharing my distress with the real rstate agent we were working with. She suggested that we try speaking with Marcelle as another option. Each time we met with Marcelle it ended up being on the weekend due to our work schedules which was so kind of him to accommodate. When working with Marcelle you can clearly tell that knows what he is doing and handles all that paperwork and dealings with banks with ease. He has everything nicely laid out for you and takes time to explain and show you everything when you get confused. Even with my visa Marcelle ended up saving us hundreds a month with our home loan by finding a great bank with the lowest interest rate we had seen yet!
- DrawingWind5 .
a year ago
Marcelle saved me money on moving my mortgage loan to another bank. I highly recommend his services to anyone, it was a pleasure dealing with him. He acted with integrity and was always professional and friendly. He took the pain out of the process - especially appreciated all his advice and patience in explaining all the pro’s and con’s of the various mortgages on offer.
- Hannellie N
a year ago
Like many Western Australians I was having difficulty re-financing my home due to lower house values. I was looking at the prospect of paying $3,000 extra a year in interest indefinitely. In stepped Marcelle from Capita finance. Not only did he get the deal done he also structured the loan to maximise our interest savings. I highly recommend Marcelle.
- Success T

We'll research and tailor a loan perfect for your individual situation from around 30 of Australia's most trusted financial institutions free of charge. We compare a diverse range of loan products, and find one that matches your needs, while saving you more. 

Our Residential Mortgage Broker can assist with finding the right loan for: 
  • Buying Your First Home
  • Buying Your Next Home
  • Refinancing
  • Renovating or Releasing Equity
  • Consolidating Debt
  • Upgrading or Downgrading
  • Buying an Investment Property
Let us do the research, present our findings, make a recommendation, do the admin and ensure a smooth process from start to finish. 
Our Commercial Finance Broker assists with:
  • Finance for the purchase of your Commercial Property
  • Working Capital Finance
  • Business Startup Finance
  • Finance for purchasing a existing business
  • Asset Finance (vehicle and equipment finance) 
  • Invoice Finance
  • Invesntory Finance
  • SMSF Finance
  • Strata Finance
Let us analyse your business funding requirements, research the market to find the best terms, present our findings, make a recommendation, present your business to a bank the way you see it, administer a finance application and ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Our Team
Marcelle believes that finding the perfect finance should be an easy process, whether it’s your first home, your next one, or an investment property. The right finance means putting our customers first and acting in your best interest every step of the way. He has a Masters in Professional Accounting, a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance, an Honours in Investment Management and a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking. Marcelle researches hundreds of different loan products from around 30 of Australia’s most trusted lenders. He then pinpoints a loan that fits your unique circumstances and matches your finance goals.In his own words: “The most rewarding part of my job is helping clients realise their dream of owning a home” he said. “I love sharing what I've learned, especially if it can help someone to be better off. I endeavour to recognise my clients requirements and goals and provide the best solutions available to meet their needs. ”  

Colin has a genuine interest in helping people navigate the finance industry.To him, this means communicating clearly about the loan options available to you, and making sure the products he recommends match your specific needs.Colin does this by researching and tailoring a loan, based on your unique goals, budget and circumstances.As a result, you have peace of mind that the loan Colin recommends is the right one for you.When Colin isn’t helping people secure a loan for their property or finance needs, you’ll find him flying a plane on his recreational license, sailing or exploring new places with his family.He also loves to buy, renovate and then sell properties in Australia and overseas.Talk to Colin about your next loan.  

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